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Advanced Headshots
Damon by Yxmathenobody2
These are where I pay a very high attention to detail.
Head Shots
Just a face by Yxmathenobody2
When I got bored while listening to Magent by Yxmathenobody2
OCs allowed, but you must give me an accurate description or picture to go off of.
No pornographic content.
I will be drawing this on Paint Tool SAI
Mermaids and Mermen
Merman by Yxmathenobody2
OCs are allowed. If you commission an OC, you must give an accurate description of picture for me to go off of.
No pornographic content.
Warning: Backgrounds will cost extra.
Note: I will be drawing this on Paint Tool SAI.
Full Body
Moe Fanalis? by Yxmathenobody2
Judal the Black Sun by Yxmathenobody2
Jafar by Yxmathenobody2
A'isha Lin by Yxmathenobody2
:1001: Night of Beauties and Beasts - A'isha by Yxmathenobody2
Ask me in my notes who you want. OCs are allowed. My rules are as followed:
No pornographic content.
You must first give me an accurate description, or a picture to go off of, if you commission an OC.

Note- I will draw this on Paint Tool SAI.


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Seima's Original sketch concept by Yxmathenobody2
Seima's Original sketch concept
As you can tell, the design didn't change much, his hair went to brown, he lost the little stars on his buttons, and he lost his headset.
This is so you guys can see what I initially had in mind. I drew this on paper and converted it to digital, so there are lines everywhere XD


 Sai Takata

Alias: Seima Takahashi

Occupation: Singer/Librarian

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Orientation: Pan

Date of Birth: September 1st (Virgo)

Height | Weight: 5'5"/165 centimeters -- 120lbs/54.4 kilograms

Nationality: Finnish (Born and raised there!)

[ Voice : Yohio

Specialty :

     Despite his quiet nature, Sai has an unusually powerful voice. He has a pretty good range going for him. He also loves doing remixes and happy, up-beat songs. He can also sing extremely fast with quite good precision. Sai is also versed in three languages: Finnish, Japanese, and English. This is due to his parents being both of the first two and the fact that English is one of the most versatile languages to learn.

Weaknesses :

     Despite his vocal range, Sai has a difficult time with singing duets. This is because he can never choose which octave to sing in unless it’s pre-determined before the show. He can’t do screamo, rock, or any song that involves violence or hate. He can’t actually read sheet music, so it’s a bit awkward for him to try to write songs on his own.

Likes | Dislikes:

  • Singing

  • Reading

  • Poetry

  • Manga

  • Schools

  • Sugar

  • Children

  • Pleasant scents


  • Oppression

  • Violence

  • Loneliness

  • Pet hair on your clothes

  • Prejudiced and ignorant people (Ignorant of how others feel, not like, unintelligent people. That’s understandable.)

  • Vanity


Special Edition: Fears:*

  • A great fear of Sai’s is that of not being able to control his life. Being told what to do day in and day out, never having a say and being manipulated by a greater force. He’s afraid of not being able to do anything and being helpless. He fears having no control.

  •  A small-but-important fear of his is that one day he will have stand in front of the audience, and there will be no one who likes him. He’s afraid that one day he will be inconsequential and that no one will even glance up at him. He fears unimportance.

  •  One of Sai’s worst fears, and what should be one of every X-BLOCK member’s, is that of being caught red-handed producing and dealing this addictive drug. He fears imprisonment.

  •  Another one of his worst fears is that one day he will be all alone with no allies in sight against a large, impending force. He knows that it’s a silly, irrational fear, but it’s entirely possible. He fears that one day, he might won’t be able to stand and fight. He fears standing and fighting alone.

Personality: | Shy | Obedient | Brave | Inquisitive | Determined | Calculative | Rebellious | Loyal | Righteous (Non-Religious Meaning|

     Sai is a shy, quiet boy. He doesn’t speak up much in public, and he does as he’s told by his superiors and his elders like a good obedient citizen, however; that doesn’t mean he’s afraid of people. That doesn’t mean he afraid at all, really. You have to be brave for this type of job. Sai knew that from the beginning. However, he does have his fears* and weaknesses.

    He is a very inquisitive boy who will search for the answer to his questions without taking no as an answer. This means that he has made himself become very learned in many subjects, though this can lead to some people becoming wary of the curious boy who never stops asking questions. He is very determined in everything he does This does, however, get him into some trouble every now and then when his plans counter-act with someone else’s.

    Sai is very calculative of how he makes his greater life choices (e.i. X-BLOCK) and doesn’t rush or jump into things without good reasons. However, he does have some life choices that many would deem to be irrational or foolish, but what the ordinary citizens would call it is rebellious. He hates when the ‘man’ tries to put him down and will fight fiercely to protect both his and his loved ones’ freedom.

    He is extremely loyal to those he loves and will defend and stay faithful to them at all costs. This can, however, cause some trouble. Sai, being the type who doesn’t go down without a fight, will often find a way to get into one. That, and his job endangers his loved ones anyways. He really should have thought harder about that when he joined the X-BLOCK, but he realizes that what he’s doing is for the greater good. His sense of righteousness will always win in the end because after all, in a choice between doing what’s right and abandoning what’s right: the answer is as clear as day to him. Even if it’s a difficult choice to make.

Bio: -The breakdown: Childhood: Shy teacher’s pet, Early Teens: Fit, learns to fight, loses his crush to another boy, Late Teens: Exposure to music, becomes a customer, Early adulthood: Joins the actual talent part of X-BLOCK

    Sai has never been an attention hog. Quite the opposite to be exact. Since a young age, Sai has always been a very shy boy. It was often that Sai would go off to hide during recesses and he never spoke out. The teachers would often take to liking him. His grades were wonderful and he followed every rule. This was a face that he wore for everyone he met. Sai had always hated the rules. The rules let people do bad things and punished creativity.

    During Sai’s teenage years, he had found a sudden kick of interest in getting into shape and learning how to fight. This was mostly caused by the teasing of his classmates, but also because he was at the age where most boys start to like girls (or other boys in some cases). He regularly went out on jogs and practiced different forms of exercise.

   At the age we speak of, he did, as a matter of fact, like a girl. Her name was May and she was the apple of his eye. They had been friends for a while at that point and Sai had developed a crush on her. Unfortunately for him, she liked a different boy. Because they were friends, he helped her to get the boy, but he’s always wondered whether she would have accepted him if he had confessed his feelings.

    His first real exposure to music was rather accidental. Somebody had been being rather clumsy about their illegal activities and had actually left the window open while they were singing. This alone could have gotten the person arrested, and he knew he really should have reported it, but he.. enjoyed listening to the girl on the other side of the window. His curious nature came over him and he looked in. It was a young woman singing softly to herself. A cutesy little love song while she made dinner. The girl then abruptly stopped and spun to look at him. He had ended up humming along to whatever tune she had been singing. The sudden presence of another voice had startled the girl.

    After a brief moment of Sai apologising profusely for snooping and attempting to leave, the girl asked him to come inside and talk. Thinking this was a “if you tattle, bad things will happen” moment, Sai was freaking out  a bit, but after some tea he learned the girl’s name was Misuki and that she wasn’t mad at him for snooping per-say. Nor did she think he was going to tell. He did also break the law after all.

    After a strange set of circumstances, a few choice meetings, and some measure of Sai’s new found infatuation with music, the two became friends, or at least confidents. He was enjoying the emotions music brought out in him. He felt rebellious, joyful at the thought of it. At some point, Misuki had noted he was very good at singing and had a rather lovely voice despite his lack of exposure to song.

   She arranged for him to meet her dealer and sort out him becoming a potential customer as well. After a long time of being watched, going through an audition, and going through the exam thing, Sai managed to get in after a whole lot of hard work and effort.

Noah Takata - Actual brother
Leah Morkov - Coworker @ local library

Additional Information:

    He actually wears glasses on a regular basis. During concerts, though, he prefers the crowd not know that--so he wears contacts for performances.

    Sai knows that it’s important for a singer to have a catchy name or some kind of gimmick to both draw attention to him, but away from his actual personal life, but he really has no idea what he would call himself. He considered some “Star names” but then he got way too literal and ended up with a name that meant star-star, so he just went with creating an alternate persona for the crowds to adore. One who can see properly, sing well, and isn’t afraid to kick ass. Nothing like the little whelp he appears as in public on a regular day.

    He actually wears makeup for performances and has a bit of a fixation on Visual Kei. He’s been thinking of putting together a Visual Kei group in X-BLOCK, but honestly, he doesn’t know who to ask, so he just pretends not to be interested. However, it’s still blatantly obvious he wants to do collabs and make friends.

    After finding out that X-BLOCK has instruments, Sai took up learning the flute because he’s a nerd- I mean-- totally cool //mings

    After a little while of close watching, subtle hints, rhetorical questions, and a hint of sibling trust, he actually ended up converting-- I mean-- nominating his brother into being a customer as well, so Noah likes to pretend he’s Sai’s manager. 

Also, thank you Takapyon for believing in my ability to finish this app. Your encouragement helped me to get it done in the first place.
Takapyon I'm so sorry, your mail box will just be filled with mentions from me during this entire experience.
Cheese!? by Kia-chaaan :iconkia-chaaan: is having a giveaway! Look at the pretty art! (Sorry, I'm bad at this whole 'making journals' thing)
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Hello, everyone! My name is Amy. I'm a young developing artist. I do happen to be a fan of anime, thus why I draw in an anime-like style. Although, I have been trying to stray from that style a bit to draw realism on and off.
I have yet to draw a serious picture that is not out of boredom. I have a commissions, but simply donating to my donation box is fine, too. The price ranges are on the commission box. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I have changed my rules ever so slightly. Friends may only get a discount of 25% off. Although, for birthdays, I will do free requests.

Commissions Open Stamp by izka197
I may be: Stamp: Hiatus from deviantART by FantasyStockAvatars

(Note, DA Family is not the same as IRL family.
Wife: :icontaytaykudo:

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